Our Brake Drums

Johnson Industries offer a comprehensive range of brake drums. We offer standard drum / gear coupling arrangements or custom units completed as per customer specifications. Our drums are made from the finest steels at our manufacturing facilities with the latest state of the art machining equipment.

Our drum designs include:

  • Standard & Offset Brake Drums – complete with mounting holes, rough stock bore, or bored and keyed as per customer specifications
  • ‘Sella’ Brake Drums – completed to DIN 15431 and AISE Standards
  • ‘Sella’ Flexible Couplings – multiple arrangements available – see figure below

All of these drums can be completed with tapered bore, dynamic balancing, or any other custom features required by our customers.

Standard & Offset Brake Drums


Standard and Offset Brake Drums
Brake Drums with symmetrical hub, Style “SH”
Brake Drums with offset hub, Style “XH”
Typical Bore Outer Diameter “A” from 2″(50.8mm) to 13.25″(337mm)
Typical Bore Inner Diameter “B” from 1″(25.4mm) to 8″(203.2mm)
Typical Bore Thickness “C” from 2″(50.8mm) to 13.5″(324.9mm)
Typical Outer Drum Diameter “D” from 4″(101.6mm) to 30″(762mm)
Typical Offset Distance “E” from 0.75″(19.05mm) to 4.75″(120.7mm)
Typical Swept Face “F” from 2.25″(57.2mm) to 14.25″(362mm)

'Sella' Brake Drums


‘Sella’ Standard Brake Drums
Typical Diameter “A” from 4″(101.6mm) to 24″(609.6mm)
Typical Swept Face “B” from 2.125″(54mm) to 10.25″(236mm)
Offset Type A Drum Width “C” from 2.56″(65mm) to 13.8″(351mm)
Standard Type B Drum Width “C” from 1.5″(38mm) to 3″(76mm)
Typical Hub Thickness “D” from 1.56″(40mm) to 9.44″(239.8mm)
Typical Offset Hub Distance “E” from 1.375″(35mm) to 4.75″(121mm)

'Sella' Flexible Couplings


Sella Transmission Couplings Components:
T1 – Hub
T1g – Hub Fitted with Retaining Cap
T2 – Retaining Cap
T3 – Securing Screw
T4 – Elastic Element
T5 – Flange Star
T6 – Brake Drum

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